Pilea Indoor plant

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides in Eindhoven, Netherlands

This little plant began as just a two leaf cutting and quickly grew to a healthy plant.  Unfortunately the plant became too big for it’s pot, and so there was a lot of leaf drop.  Luckily, the plant was repotted in February and so now it looking healthy once again.  Advice on the care of this gorgeous indoor plant:

  • Make sure the plant always has bright but indirect light.
  • Turn the plant regularly – this ensure it doesn’t grow in a particular direction (unless that is what you are aiming for!)
  • Plenty of water – this plant has remained constantly moist

To follow more on this plant as it grows, the owner’s Instagram is @evivandervrst

It’s also known as a Chinese Money plant, and you can buy one here

May 2016

propagation success
Pilea Peperomioides original growth from cutting

May 2016: Pilea Peperomioides with first growth progress from original cutting


October 2016

pilea peperomiodes growth rate
October 2016: 5 months on, the plant has grown many more leaves, and has increased in size significantly

March 2017

Pilea Indoor plant
March 2017: Pilea Peperomioides after leaf drop recovery and repotting


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