Pilea Indoor plant money plant

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides in Eindhoven, Netherlands

This little plant began as just a two leaf cutting and quickly grew to a healthy plant.  Unfortunately the plant became too big for it’s pot, and so there was a lot of leaf drop.  Luckily, the plant was repotted in February and so now it looking healthy once again.  Advice on the care of this gorgeous indoor plant:

  • Make sure the plant always has bright but indirect light.
  • Turn the plant regularly – this ensure it doesn’t grow in a particular direction (unless that is what you are aiming for!)
  • Plenty of water – this plant has remained constantly moist

To follow more on this plant as it grows, the owner’s Instagram is @evivandervrst

It’s also known as a Chinese Money plant, and the information on buying this plant for your location is included in detail in this post

May 2016

propagation success
Pilea Peperomioides original growth from cutting

May 2016: Pilea Peperomioides with first growth progress from original cutting


October 2016

money plant growth rate
October 2016: 5 months on and the plant has grown many more leaves, and has increased in size significantly

March 2017

Pilea Indoor plant money plant
Pilea Peperomioides in March 2017


To see where to buy your own pilea plant, go to this post.

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