Echeveria ‘Lola’

Echieveria Lola in Madison, Wisconsin

This succulent grows in a rosette shape and is a very popular and easy to care for house plant.  A new plant will grow from the tip of a healthy leaf cutting very easily.  This post features the progress from one leaf cutting to three healthy succulent plants within 6 months.  These we kept indoors in a dry and warm environment.  The owner of these has a lot more succulents, you can follow more updates on instagram @marahjuana

The process used for propagating succulents by this owner is:

  • Pluck off a leaf from original plant, ensuring you do not damage it
  • Keep the leaf under indirect light until it has calloused over
  • Once it has calloused over, put it under bright filtered light and mist every day until a succulent grows.
  • Slowly ween off daily spraying as it gets bigger
  • Once the plant is bigger, water it once weekly

If you don’t have a succulent to get you started, you can buy cuttings ready for propagation here.  You can also purchase a mister to spray the plants here

October 2016

Mid October 2016: First bud of new growth starting to show

November 2016

November 2016: Two new buds now resemble mini plants with pink tips

December 2016

December 2016: New buds are now bigger and showing more pink colouring

February 2017

SMJ_170201 (2)
February 2017: Original leaf is now fading and will shrivel up, as the succulents are now self sufficient


March 2017

March 2017: All three new succulents are now self sufficient and can be repotted to grow on their own


There are cuttings available in packs on Amazon, alternatively you could try growing from a seed, here is a link to a pack of seeds for just 50 cents.

We have other propagation progress stories of a Echeveria and also a burro’s tail

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8 thoughts on “Echeveria ‘Lola’

  1. Sir mine echieveria lola leave got roots but no plantlet it’s been a month and a half.When new roots came it drys up and again the chain continues.


    1. Put it over some water, I find this is the best way to get them to grow consistently. Look up succulent water propagation and you will see some ways it is done and you can find what works best for you 🙂


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