variegated monstera

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa

Growth progress of a Swiss Cheese plant cutting in Melbourne, Australia

This popular houseplant which is often referred to as the “Swiss Cheese Plant” is usually a dark green, however sometimes it comes in a variegated version.  This plant started as a cutting in October 2016 which had two leaves, however they promptly fell off.  Although this was going into the summer season in Australia, there was no visible growth until February 2017.  During this time it was moved to a greenhouse and this seemed to help the growth progress.  The striking white parts of the leaves, while beautiful, are what make this usually very hardy plant much harder to care for.  They white parts appear that way because they lack chlorophyll, which creates the green colour in leaves.  Chlorophyll is also required for photosynthesis, so essentially it is harder for this plant to convert sunlight into energy than the usual variety.


This plant and many others can be found on Instagram @troposphere_gardens, check it out to see more!

February 2017


11th February 2017: After months of minimal growth, a small shoot is appearing


March 2017

monstera growth rate
5th March 2017: New leaf growth unfurling


monstera growth rate
6th March 2017: Leaf continuing to unfurl


monstera growth rate
12th March 2017: New white leaf has now fully opened up


swiss cheese plant growth rate
15th March: A new leaf is starting to appear


variegated monstera
20th March 2017: New leaf showing


rare houseplant
23rd March 2017: New leaf growth progressing


swiss cheese plant growth rate
27th March 2017: New leaf unfurling, other variegated leaf in the background showing a colour range
2nd April 2017: The new leaf is now completely unfurled and is completely white

If you are interested in growing your own Swiss Cheese plant, you can get a small (35cm), large (65cm) or grow from a seed!

See our other plant stories here, or get in contact if you have a growth progress photo story to share


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