Lychee plant grown from seed

Lychee plant grown from seed in Oslo, Norway

Lychees are a delicious fruit with a large seed in the centre. This is an experiment of a grocery store lychee seed in late December 2016. The owner soaked the seeds in water until the fat end of the seed cracked open. Once this happened, the seeds were transferred into soul and kept on a semi sunny windowsill and kept moist at all times.

The owner of this plant features this and other plants on instragram @cold_jungle


February 2017

22nd February 2017: Small shoots from germinated seeds
15th March 2017: The shoots have begun to branch and grow leaves
20th March 2017: Five days later, leaves on the plant have more than doubled
31st March 2017: Leaves have continued to grow and older leaves showing more green colouring

More updates to follow!


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