franginpani propagation

Plumeria Rubra Frangipani

Frangipani Propagation from cutting in Worthing, United Kingdom

The Plumeria Rubra, also known as the Frangipani, is usually a tropical plant, however with correct care it can be grown successfully indoors.  It is a deciduous tree which produces pink or white and yellow flowers with a distinct perfume.  Deciduous trees can be very satisfying to grow as the entire leaves and flowers of the plant are regrown each season.  Within a year this went from a simple cutting to a small tree, using grow lights during the daylight hours.  The grower of this plant is on instagram @jj_1389


January 2016

plumeria rubra
19th January 2016: Original cutting from Frangipani tree in soil


frangipani propagate
30th January 2016: One full leaf has sprouted from the top of the cutting


March 2016

frangipani propagation
6th March 2016: The cutting (centre) now has three leaves. looking healthy, darker and larger than the last image


July 2016

frangipani growth rate
31st July 2016: Significant growth has occurred over the summer, the cutting now has about 20 leaves

August 2016

frangipani propagation
13th August 2016: The plant continues to thrive – in this image the grow light is creating the pink colour in the background. Over the time these lights were used during daylight hours only.


September 2016

franginpani propagation
9th September 2016: New leaf growth can be seen at the top of the tree



franginpani propagation
9th September 2016: A close up of the new growth reveals there is also a second leaf growing


October 2016

frangipani flower bud
2nd October 2016: Close up showing the buds of the flowers before they flowered


To grow your own Frangipani tree, you can grow from cuttings which you can buy here, or if you want to start from seeds, they are available here,

If you are having trouble getting enough light for your plants, grow lights can make a huge difference to the growth rate of indoor plants. You can buy them here


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