Periwinkle Vinca Propagation

Propagation of Periwinkle Vinca in Richmond, Virginia

The Vinva major ‘Variegata’ is a very hardy and fast growing plant which is easy to grow.  It can tolerate full sun to full shade and doesn’t need too much watering.  This is a great plant to start growing in a pot for a beginner as it is easy to care for.  It is so hardy that in fact it is considered an invasive species in some places!  This plant was taking over a compost heap, so the cuttings were taken and placed in pots indoors.  The cutting and growth of this plant and others are featured on instagram @terra.tactile.

January 2017

30th January: Mother plant growing vigorously on the compost heap
30th January: the cuttings which were taken from the plant before they were potted


February 2017

1st February 2017: Freshly planted cutting showing new sprouts from the base


16th February 2017: The plant has already grown significantly, and the new spouts have grown about eight leaves each

April 2017

16th April 2017: Close up of the plant has grown more leaves and continues to thrive indoors
16th April 2017: The potted plant has almost doubled in size within just two months


If you are having trouble getting enough light for your plants, grow lights can make a huge difference to the growth rate of indoor plants. You can buy them here

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