Hydrangea Macrophylla Propagation Part 2

Hydrangea Macrophylla Hardwood Propagation in London, United Kingdom

This is part two of a Hydrangea growth story.  If you haven’t seen how this started, I recommend you first see part one.  This update is really a lesson in patience and persistence, which many agree this is what gardening is all about.  The original hardwood cuttings were put in rooting powder and planted into soil in August 2016, and the first signs of leaves appeared within a month.  Since then, the cuttings were pruned right down and growth continued.  In January 2017, the cuttings which hadn’t shown growth were carefully removed form the soil to check if they were viable.  Surprisingly, the majority of them did show small little roots, so they were replanted in the same pot as the cuttings which had leaves.

Since I have had so much success with these cuttings, I have received a lot of questions about the rooting hormone I used, here is a link to the exact one I used on Amazon.


May 2017

All of the growth so far appeared in Autumn 2016, so it was surprising to see new growth coming from a cutting 8 months later.  This is encouraging and a lesson for all gardeners to be persistent.  One other thing that the below picture shows is that some of the cuttings are hollow, these are definitely not alive, however the ones which aren’t hollow still have the potential to re grow.  I think the new growth spurt is due to the longer days with more sunlight.  As it is still early in the growing season, I am positive that we will see even more growth throughout the summer.

May 2017: New leaf growth is appearing, this appears to be growing off a different cutting.


hydrangea hardwood cutting
May 2017: A side view showing the new growth in the front against the growth which first appeared in September 2016



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