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Haworthia Flowering Growth Progress

Growth and Flowering of a Haworthia in Toronto, Canada

This growth story of a Haworthia, also sometimes called a Zebra plant has been beautifully photographed and cared for since 2014.  The owner and photographer shares more stunning photos of plants and gardening on instagram @_follis_.  He has kindly shared his story and photos below.

I had purchased the Haworthia in late November of 2014 at a Home Depot store near my college. As I am a lover of plants, I wanted to create a workspace at my desk that was filled with natural inspiration and beauty from plants. The little Haworthia was barely alive, and very dehydrated from it’s plastic container under fluorescent light. I had it on my desk for the remainder of the year up until April 2015. I did a full transplant into a terra cotta pot with proper desert succulent potting soil and moved it to a sunny window in my bedroom that faced East (allowing it to get full sun for a few hours every morning, and indirect sun all afternoon).

April 2015

16th April 2015: Plant has just been repotted into terracotta pot and placed on windowsill
I eventually moved to the city, and placed my Haworthia in a bight, South-facing window, where it gets plenty of sun all year round. I water my Haworthia once a week on Saturday mornings, and give it a good soak until the water pours out into the bottom catch-tray. Over time, the leaves became thick and filled with water storage, and it slowly began to grow and progress.

January 2017

growth progress of haworthia plant

22nd January 2017: Haworthia plant looking much healthier

February 2017

Eventually, it grew fully into the pot it was in, and yet another year went by with the same watering schedule, until this past February 2017 when I noticed, for the first time, a budding stem shooting out from the inner leaves of the rosette.

haworthia succulent plant care
16th February 2017: Haworthia has grown well into the terracotta pot

March 2017

growth progress of haworthia succulent
6th March 2017: Close up of the plant showing the texture of the leaves
succulent growth progress
15th March 2017: Small growth of a flower appearing in the centre of the plant

flowering succulent
23rd March 2017: Just over a week later, the flower has grown much taller and is showing a bud ready to open

April 2017

Before I knew it, it continued to shoot up until little small buds shot out to produce small white flowers. It now has 3 complete off shoots from the main flowering shoot, all filled with white blooms. I am unsure how long this bloom will last, but I am so grateful that the plant was happy enough in its environment to be able to fully bloom. It is a plant lovers dream!

succulent flowering
13th April 2017: Tall flower shoot showing numerous flower buds has appeared rapidly
growth progress of succulent
29th April 2017: The flower has continued to grow rapidly and more shoots are coming off the main flower stem

May 2017

fast growing succulent
3rd May 2017: Close up of the flowers opening along the stem
Haworthia fasciata ( Aloaceae )
7th May 2017: Flower growth appears to still be thriving and growing

What a stunning demonstration of rare flowering of a Haworthia! If you are interested in growing your own, we have found them for sale in each of these regions:

USA & Canada: here

UK & Europe: here

Australia: here

If you are looking for one and can’t find it in your region, get in touch and we can help find one for sale!

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Let us know what you think, or if you have any plant stories to share!

16 thoughts on “Haworthia Flowering Growth Progress

  1. Awesome photos and love the progression of growth! I have a few haworthias in the garden and I forget how beautiful and dainty their blooms are…sometimes hidden by some other blooms nearby. Love these succulents!

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  2. You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually something that I believe I would
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  3. Hi there, mine is doing the same and it’s starting to have the 4th stalk growing from the main one. What do you do to the flowers? Should I leave it alone? Thank you so much!


    1. You should be able to cut the flower stalk, leave a couple of centimetres, and after a while it will dry out, and you can simply pull out the remainder of the stalk. Then it will most likely flower again this time next year!


      1. My other half cut the whole stem at the very bottom. It’s been almost a year now, I haven’t seen any other growth since. I’m so sad..


  4. To my surprise today, I woke up and found my zebra cacti growing a bloom! I too revived this poor guy from certain death at a CVS. I bought it about 3 years ago, and he lives in a terrarium with a lady goldenfinger(that was also dying and bought at the same time) and a couple baby hen and chickens. So excited to see this one bloom!! Thank you for sharing!!


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