Melicope Elleryana grown from seed

Melicope Elleryana in Brisbane, Australia

Melicope Elleryana is a spectacular rainforest tree native to Australia. It is a member of the Citrus family (Rutaceae). It produces beautiful pink flowers along the branches in Summer and attracts myriad of honeyeaters.  This plant was grown from seed,originally planted in December 2015. This plant and many others are featured in stunning photography can be found on instagram @zqqyjml

March 2016

Melicope Elleryana
11th March 2016: Seedling has grown a number of leaves and is looking very healthy

April 2016

Melicope Elleryana
21st April 2016: The branches are now appearing to grow out and leaves are growing larger

October 2016

Melicope Elleryana
25th October 2016: The plant has grown much taller and trunk is beginning to harden.

February 2017

Melicope Elleryana attached by Grasshoppers
17th February 2017: The plant was unfortunately attacked by Grasshoppers! Older leaves show where they were attacked, but luckily the plant continued to sprout new leaves at the top.

May 2017

Rapid Growth of Melicope Elleryana
22nd May 2017: The plant is now looking extremely healthy, significant growth has occurred and the rapid growth has occurred in just three months!



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