Gift ideas for plant lover

Finding the right gift can sometimes be very challenging, so here we have collected some of the most unique gift ideas online.  These are all gardening themed, however you might find some of the gifts to be ideal for almost occasion as well, so use your imagination!

Candle Jar self watering converter kit

Candle jars can be very attractive planters, however because they don’t have drainage, a lot of plants struggle and even die. The candle jar converter kit allows a candle jar to be converted into a self watering pot, which not only helps the plant survive, but keeps it easy to care for as well!

Candle jar into a planter self watering conversion kit – the insert keeps the plant lifted above the source of the water, so it is not sitting in water logged soil. The string allows some water to be soaked up by the plant at a steady pace.

Jade Plant – AKA money tree

According to Feng Shui, the Jade plant is referred to as the money tree and is known to bring luck and wealth.  It is often said that the luck is brought when received as a gift, so it is often chosen as a meaningful wedding or house warming present.  Luckily, they are incredibly easy to care for!

plants for wealth and luck

Real Four Leaf Clover

This etsy seller has a talent for spotting four leaf clovers and so has made this a business.  They come pressed and sealed and make an excellent keepsake or good luck charm, and would also make a memorable graduation gift.


Plant Mister

This Brass plant mister is antique inspired, so not only is a useful addition to an indoor plant lover’s care equipment, it also makes an interesting decor item for display.

Brass Mister Sprayer Air Plant Care • Tillandsia • airplants • houseplants • watering can • gold •

Leaf Cable Ties

These cable ties can be used around the house, or to stabilise your plants when training them to grow.

Link to buy

Water Planter

Many indoor plants can grow in water, and these wall hanging water planters make an excellent display of such plants.  This can be ideal for permanent placement or for display of rooting experiments from cuttings.

Seed Sowing Ruler

This seed sowing ruler ensures that even the most brown thumbed person can be assured that they have sown their seeds correctly.  This shows each plant and the distance which is recommended between each seed for optimum harvest and success.

Sowing Planting Ruler | Plant Seed Spacer | Allotment | Grow Your Own | Garderner's Gift | Measure | Garderning | Hand Made | Hand Painted

Marimo Moss Ball

These green living balls are technically algae, and they grow in water with almost no care required, other than changing the water (tap water is fine!) every few weeks.  These have become popular gifts since the Japanese believe that these are a symbol of true love and can bring good luck!

SALE!! Marimo Moss Ball Couple in Handblown Glass Globe - Underwater Moss Terrarium, Unique Gift Idea for Men and Women, Anniversary Gift

Water from a stone

These quality hand blown glass bubbles slowly release water to keep plants continually watered allowing for easier care.


Plant Markers

These are something that are particularly helpful for those who grow vegetables and herbs from seeds.  There are plenty of sellers across the world who create handmade markers which can often be customised.



Every plant lover is always running out of pots, so decorative planters are a thoughtful gift which can last a lifetime.  There are plenty available from handmade, modern, mid century, and rustic styled ones.  There are even displays for air plants – plants which don’t need soil!

Modern Air Plant Stand || Wood and Copper || Tillandsia ||
Concrete Head Planter- Statuette


You can find packed of seeds at any garden or hardware store, as well as online.  All garden lovers will appreciate seeds to experiment with, especially rare and exotic species.  In addition to local sources, there are many online sellers of seeds where you can find a wider range of unusual specimens.


50 Seeds rare Heirloom Allium Giganteum Giant Onion with Purple Flower Seeds garden

Plant stands

Plant stands have grown in popularity in recent years as they can take the aesthetic of a planter to a new level, accentuating the decor of the room or area they are in.  They also allow plants to be lifted from the floor creating more variation in heights of plants.  There are many hand made products available online as well as one off vintage finds as well.

Plant stand - Metal plant stand - Black plant stand - Indoor plant stand - Flowerpot stand - Outdoor plant stand

Hanging Planters

Set of 2 Galvanised Steel Wall Planters LTZKR002

Aquaponic planter

Aquaponic planters are still a relatively new concept: a fish and a plant live in a symbiotic relationship.  The fish droppings fertilise the plant which in turn purifies the water. They are a unique and low maintenance combination of plant and pet, and can even be done at home as a DIY.

Small aquaponic gift set
A Dialogue Between Flowers and Fish Aquarium Planter, fish tank, plant, green, decor, gift, Aquaponics, creative, housewares

Flower Scissors

This is an ideal gift for anyone who grows their own flowers or likes to have cut flowers in their home.  The scissors are especially designed for flowers so not only will the cut flowers be healthier, but also the other scissors in the house won’t be ruined from being used on flowers in the future!



These would be a great secret santa gift, or experiment for kids as they show clearly the growth progress of the plants and how the roots and leaves progress over time.  Our favourite is from


Tech accessories

Anyone who has a phone or a laptop has a blank canvas that can be personalised, so naturally a gardening lover should have their tech items personalised whether it is  stunning nature imagery, or quirky statement items.

Succulents Laptop Decal For Laptop MacBook Decal MacBook Air MacBook Pro Skin 15 MacBook Pro MacBook Air 11 Decal For MacBook Sticker DR131

Cuttings – free!

Certainly the cheapest and perhaps the best gift you could give to a plant lover is a cutting!  If you don’t have a garden yourself, you can always keep your eyes out for family, friends, or neighbours (ask for permission!) with attractive plants to get cuttings from.  Many plants will propagate from cuttings if they are cared for correctly.  Make sure you try to take a few (at least three) cuttings to ensure the best chances of success.

We have numerous posts on how to grow plants from cuttings, see below for inspiration.

Burro’s tail propagation

Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation

Monstera Propagation

Rare plants and cuttings

Every plant lover has a wishlist of plants that they would love to own, and many are incredibly difficult to come by. We have a post here showing current availabilities across various regions of the most in demand rare plants.

We would love to know if you have any more gift ideas to share!

gift ideas for plant lovers

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