Begonia grown by @upleafting

Begonia Propagation

Angel Leaf Begonia Propagation in Stockholm, Sweden

Begonias are a well loved houseplant and are relatively easy to care for.  They have a unique spotted pattern on a tapered leaf.  The propagation of one has been photographed and shared by Olle @upleafting on instagram.  There are many more stunning photographs shared on this instagram and also his personal account @olle_e.


Begonia grown by @upleafting
8th December: Begonia propagation has begun in a glass filled with water
Begonia February 21.jpg
21st February: The cutting is now in soil and hoping to growth stronger and larger


Begonia March 19.jpg
19th March; A tiny new leaf sprout has appeared


Begonia April 11.jpg
11th April: the cutting has growth very rapidly now with may leaves and a stable trunk
Begonia May 9.jpg
9th May: The Begonia is an extremely fast grower and is continuing to thrive
Begonia June 1
1st June: Some small new growth has appeared at the base of the plant
1st June


Begonia grown by @upleafting
25th June: The plant has been pruned to encourage branching in further growth


Begonia grown by @upleafting
25th June: The remaining cutting taken from the begonia plant. This was split into two for further propagation.


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