macro oak leaf with water drop

Oak tree grown from Acorn

Oak tree grown from Acorn

There are some excellent sources on the internet for advice on growing oak seedlings from acorns.  Ness from @theoaksprout on Instagram has been tracking growth progress of some oak seedlings and sharing advice on how to maximise success.  Once you have an acorn, it needs to be first prepared in a fridge before it is ready to grow.

Place the acorns in a sealed plastic bag with a wet paper towel.   Place your plastic bag of acorns in the fridge for stratification.  Stratification is the process exposing the acorns to cold i.e. to mimic Winter.  Sprouts should start appearing after 90 days.
If you notice your acorns are getting mouldy in the fridge, wipe off the mould and place them back in the sealed plastic bag.


If you are inspired, please share your growth stories!  If you don’t have access to your own acorn seeds, they can be purchased here


Oak tree grown from seed
18th April: Oak seeds have sprouted roots


oak tree sprout
30th April: Fresh green sprouts are now appearing from the seeds and the roots have grown longer and stronger


oak tree seedling
29th May: The root growth has continued rapidly and the leaves are still looking healthy


growth rate of acorn sprout
28th June: The roots have shown lots of new growth. There hasn’t been any new leaves appear since previous photo but this is good reminder that there is always growth underneath the soil as well as above the soil


Oak tree seedling
7th July: The seedlings have now been transplanted to pots with soil

oak tree growth rate

We will continue to update as these seedlings grow! Please share your growth stories with us by #greengrow, and for more growth stories, click here


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