Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth and Pruning

Fiddle Leaf Fig growth and Pruning in Los Angeles, USA

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, also known as Ficus Lyrata is a popular houseplant with large decorative leaves.  They are known to sometimes be difficult to care for, however once you find the right spot and care routine they will reward you with regular growth.  They are also extremely easy to propagate, by taking a cutting and placing in water or directly into soil.  This Fiddle Leaf Fig was originally a straight trunk and through pruning it branched out into a Y-Shape.  The owner of this plant shares the story on Instagram @laplantsociety


fiddle leaf fig growth progress
10th December 2016: A healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig living by a bright window



31st of January 2017
25th February 2017: A cutting was taken from the top of the tree and propagated separately.


fiddle leaf fig cutting
25th February 2017: Top view of the tree shows where the cutting was taken


fiddle leaf fig growth
5th March 2017: The first signs of a new leaf sprout is appearing


fast growing fiddle leaf fig
7th March 2017: The new leaf is growing rapidly from the side of the trunk


8th March 2017
9th March 2017: As the new leaf continues to open up, it seems there is another leaf which is also on it’s way!
10th March 2017: The new leaf is revealing some reddish colouring on the edges
18th of March 2017: The leaves have grown and look extremely healthy


Fiddle Leaf Fig growth rate
30th of March 2017: The full view of the tree shows how the new leaves have grown and also the existing leaves have continued to grow larger
15th May 2017
27th June 2017
Ficus Lyrata growth rate
29th August: The tree is now branching out into a Y shape



If you want to try caring for your own fiddle leaf fig tree, they are available on Amazon in both small and larger.

See our other plant stories about fiddle leaf fig tree here and a propagation from a leaf cutting here.


Fiddle Leaf Fig growth rate


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