monstera plant

Monstera Deliciosa rapid growth

Monstera Deliciosa in Gotland, Sweden

This popular houseplant has exploded in popularity in recent years due to their large decorative leaves and easy care requirements.  The are often also known as the Swiss Cheese plant due to the holes and splits which appear as the plant matures.  This particular plant was acquired in April 2017 with only two leaves.   In just five months four new leaves have grown.  This plant and others are shown as they grow on instagram @ghouliaspotsandplants


9th May 2017: Monstera plant
9th May 2017: Small Monstera plant with two leaves
Fast growing monstera deliciosa
14th of May 2017: A small new leaf sprout can be seen on the right stalk


fast growing monstera deliciosa
15th of May 2017: Close up of new leaf growth
Monstera Deliciosa new leaf
19th May 2017: The new leaf continues to stretch out
swiss cheese plant growth
21st of May 2017: 12.08PM new leaf is unfurling
new leaf unfurling
21st of May 2017: 1.47PM the leaf is continuing to unfurl


Monstera Deliciosa
22nd May 2017: Third leaf has continued to grow and open up, now is larger than the other leaves


swiss cheese new leaf close up
22nd May 2017: Close up of new leaf


Monstera plant
29th May 2017: The new leaf is now fully opened and extremely healthy


monstera plant
5th June 2017: Top view of the plant alongside a Monstera Adansonii


Monstera Deliciosa
12th June 2017: A fourth leaf is starting to show signs on the side of the middle leaf


Monstera Deliciosa
19th of June 2017: The fourth leaf is continuing to stretch


Monstera Deliciosa
22nd June 2017: The fourth leaf is now almost reaching the same height as the third leaf, and is beginning to unfurl


Swiss Cheese Plant
31st July 2017: Fifth leaf is unfurling


Monstera leaves unfurling
4th September 2017: New leaf is appearing, alongside the Adansonii also growing a leaf!
Monstera new leaf
9th September 2017: Leaf number six is now unfurling


Monstera Deliciosa
9th September 2017: The sixth leaf is unfurling, and the new leaves now dwarf the two original leaves


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7 thoughts on “Monstera Deliciosa rapid growth

  1. Hey… I really liked this post …. I have a monstera as well. It’s still quite small…(it looks exactly like the one shown here) I haven’t repotted it yet but I will do soon … Can’t wait for it to start looking like swiss cheese! Keep up the good work with your blog!

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