variegated pothos

Devil’s Ivy Growth Rate

Variegated Pothos Ivy in Sweden

The Pothos plant is often considered to be a great starter house plant because they are easy to care for and survive in most conditions.  They grow well in bright light and in low light although it’s best to avoid too much direct sunlight.  When it comes to watering, pothos like to dry out in between each watering.  As always, when leaves tart turning brown you are most likely under watering, and if they are turning yellow, it is over watering.  This plant and many others are featured on instagram @greenapartment_


pothos propagation in water
27th May 2017: The cuttings in water


variegated pothos growth
6th June 2017: The plant has been transferred into soil and the new leaf is appearing


variegated devil's ivy
18th of June 2017: The new leaf which is appearing appears to be a lighter colour than the other leaves.  Less dark green means it has had more sunlight while growing


variegated devil's ivy
3rd July 2017: The new leaf has now unfurled and is lighter than the older leaves


variegated pothos
22nd of July 2017
propagate devil's ivy in water
18th August 2017: Cuttings were taken and placed in water for propagation


New growth on devil's ivy
2nd September 2017: New sprout already appearing from the end of the branch


devil's ivy growth rate
8th September 2017



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