Aeonium Tabuliforme Succulent Flowering

Succulent Flowering in London, United Kingdom

The flat top Aeonium is also sometimes known as the dinner plate plant, is a succulent which is native to the Canary Islands.  Succulents flower quite rarely so to see the process documented is really quite special.  This particular plant is an unusual striking yellow/green colour.  The owner of the plant is on instagram @leafbotanicals and has kindly shared some care advice.


“In the UK they are best grown on a south or east facing window sill, they like direct light.  They can go outside in the summer months and can tolerate milder night but will need to be brought in over the winter.  Don’t water at all during the winter months and only once a week in the height of summer.  They are best suited to large shallow terracotta pots with good drainage.  Mine was about 4 years old before it started to flower this year and once it has flowered it will die.”

fast growing succulent
May 2017: The first signs of growth in the centre of the plant are appearing


succulent flowering
Early June 2017: The centre of the plant is continuing to grow, and appears lighter coloured than the rest of the plant
succulent flowering
Middle of June 2017: The flower stalk growth has stretched up and now dwarfs the rest of the plant
succulent flower buds
Early July 2017: The stem now has grown many buds, of which some have started to open. The original plant is now looking withered from expending so much energy in the growth of this flower
succulent flowering
End of July 2017: Close up details of a flowering bud
succulent flower
Mid July 2017: Almost all of the flower buds have now opened showing the bright flowers


Succulent flower dying
25th July 2017: The show is over – all the little buds have finished flowering and are now dying.


If you are interested in growing your own, these plants can be purchased here


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