ficus lyrata growth rate

Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation

Ficus Lyrata Propagation in Atlanta, United States

Ficus Lyrata plants are very popular as houseplants and can be easily propagated.  We have a number of posts on these and they are always so interesting to view the different growth rates amongst different environments and climates.  This plant was cared for by @figandfur on instagram, and has also shared the process.

“I trimmed a leaf with about 2 inches of stem on June 11th from my big fig tree.  I left it in water until the roots were about 2 inches long before transferring to soil in a cup.  I always use clear cups because I am so curious and like to see the progress of root development. The plastic cup has holes drilled in the bottom for drainage.  I water whenever the soil is light and appears dry.”

This particular cutting went from one leaf to four in just a few months.  If you can get yourself a cutting of a Fiddle Leaf Fig you can start your own propagation, and to increase your chances of success you can use a rooting hormone.  Alternatively you can get a fully grown tree on Amazon.

ficus lyrata propagation
11th June 2017: The mother plant from which the cutting was taken
ficus lyrata root growth
29th July 2017: The leaf was placed in water and roots have successfully grown
how to propagate
11th August 2017: The cutting has been placed in soil and the root growth is visibly continuing


ficus lyrata propagation
17th August 2017: Continued root growth


fiddle leaf fig new leaf
17th August 2017: A tiny new leaf growth has appeared at the base of the leaf


ficus lyrata growth rate
24th August 2017: The new leaves have opened up to reveal three new leaves


ficus lyrata growth rate
4th September 2017: The new leaves have continued to grow in size and now are almost as large as the original leaf


fiddle leaf fig new leaves
7th September 2017: A side view of the plant showing the difference in colour and opacity of a younger leaf to a more mature leaf


If you are interested in getting one of these plants, they are available here

Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth and Pruning

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation

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