regrow kitchen tool

Regrowth of Leek Scraps

Regrowth of a Leek from kitchen scraps

There is no need to throw out the ends of kitchen scraps from many vegetables because they can be easily grown to provide an endless supply.  There is a product which you can use for this called regrow.  They have kindly provided advice and photos of a leek growth over just a week.

The harvest differs from leek to leek and depends on the size of the leek. Regrow can be placed on many glasses or vases, one already have at home. Place the glass or vase in a bright place and change water every/ to every second day.

Leek, lemon grass, scallion, endive lettuce etc. can regrow in just water!
There is even more information about what can be grown and how at the regrow website. They are also on instagram @re_grow

Day Zero


regrow leek

The freshly cut leek is placed with the roots in the water

Day One

Day 1 - Edited.jpg
Day One: There is already some green growth appearing where the cut was made

Day Two

leek growth
Fresh green growth is continuing to progress

Day Three

In just a short time your leek has re grown and is ready to be harvested again!


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