bonsai tree

Bonsai growth over five years

Bonsai growth progress

Bonsai is a Japanese form of growing miniature plants in containers.  What many people don’t realise is that almost any plant can be turned into a bonsai through specific cultivation techniques such as pruning, root reduction & potting.  @the_old_bonsai on instagram has shared the growth progress of a bonsai over five years.


bonsai growth progress
2012: Tree before bonsai pruning


bonsai growth progress
2012: After pruning and with wires to train growth


bonsai tree growth progress
2013: A year after pruning, the tree now has growth leaves and has matured in the desired shape


bonsai tree growth progress
2014: There is now much more branch growth on the plant and signs of new leaf growth can be seen at the tips


bonsai growth progress
2015: The leaf growth is now much more dense
growth rate of bonsai
2016: The leaf coverage is even more dense than the previous year


bonsai growth rate
2016: Increasing thickness in the trunk and branches can be seen


mature bonsai tree
2017: Even though it has been five years since this project began, this award winning bonsai looks much older!


bonsai tree
2017: The finished product!


If you are interested in a bonsai, they are available on amazon, and make perfect houseplants and also excellent gifts!


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