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Heartleaf Philodendron

Philodendron Cordatum in Arizona, USA

The Heartleaf Philodendron, also known as the Sweetheart plant, is originally from southeast Brazil.  It is a fairly easy to care for houseplant, as it will survive in most light conditions.  It also doesn’t need to be watered too often, and appreciates being watered only once the soil has started to dry out. It can be grown as a hanging plant or like the one in this post which climbs up a post.

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Sweetheart philodendron plants can be purchased here for $1.99!

Alternatively, they are also available from Amazon in United Kingdom,

Vine growth rate
8th September 2017: The plant has only a couple of leaves
heartleaf philodendron
20th September 2017: Close up of healthy leaves
sweetheart philodendron new leaf
21st September 2017: The plant is growing along a stake as these vines thrive when able to climb
heart leaf philodendron growth rate
6th October 2017: New leaf is beginning to unfurl
heart leaf philodendron growth rate
15th October 2017: The leaf has now fully unfurled and matured
heartleaf philodendron care
24th October: Another new leaf growth, now taller than the top of the stake!
fast growing indoor plant
17th December 2017: Yet another leaf is growing, just a month after the last growth
27th December 2017: Full height of the plant amongst an excellent plant family!
philodendron new leaf
13th January 2018: Another new leaf sprout showing, along with a dew drop on the most recent leaf
heartleaf phildendron
14th January 2018: Close up of leaves
plant photography
18th January 2018
heartleaf philodendron
23rd January 2018: in just a few months this plant has grown much taller than the stake


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