minimalist plant stand

Choose the right planters

How to choose the right planters

The perfect way to dress up your plant is to put it in a decorative planter. It is a great way to change the look of a plant (and a room!) and does not need to be expensive at all. This post has some ideas of planters which include DIY, upcycled, vintage and also new planters. Photos from creative plant owners all over the internet have been included for inspiration to help you decide what types of planters are right for you. We have found sellers of the same or similar items in all of the pictures so if you click on a picture it will take you to where you can buy the planter!

Things to remember when choosing planters

  • Size – always buy a planter which is larger than the pot you already have – it is best to simply place your existing pot inside the decorative one. This allows you to have more freedom with monitoring root growth and choice of changing planters as often as you want without disturbing the plant! It also means that you don’t have to worry about lack of drainage holes.
  • Plant – Consider the size of the plant and it’s leaves and ensure the planter won’t be hiding or hurting the plant.  You want to make sure that your plant still has exposure to the light and room to grow
  • Consistency – If you want the plants to be the focal point of the room, the planters should be more consistent. Try to choose planters which are all the same colour or colour scheme, similar shapes, or similar sizes.
  • Height – It is so easy to forget to use vertical space with plants! Hangers, Plant stands, and shelves are great options for elevating your plants

Classic Terracotta

The most timeless and classic pot is the terracotta, made from baked clay. Because of the porous nature of the pots, they help prevent root rot. It is important to consider what you will be planting in a terracotta pot and where you will be putting it because they are heavier than plastic alternatives.

terracotta pots
photo: @thecottonplant
terracotta pot

photo: @mimyo444
string of pearls

photo: @theplantmama
indoor jungle

photo: @plant_kbh
baby fiddle leaf fig

photo: @leafbotanicals


plant shelfie
photo: @houtje.touwtje
potted banana plant
photo: @lindasleaves
white planters
photo: @philos_and_ferns
monstera deliciosa
photo: @megsjungle


string of pearls succulent
photo: @littlesuccers

s-l1600 (1)


photo: elisabeth heier
fiddle leaf fig cuttings


wicker plant pot
photo: @klorofylld
stunning monstera in bright living room
photo: @plantingpink
monstera in straw planter
photo: @plantenstudio
giant fiddle leaf fig
photo: @hiltoncarter
concrete planter
photo: @beyondsunflowers
neon monstera
photo: @urbanlittlegarden
macrame pom pom planter

photo: @forgetmenotartstudio
indoor plant inspiration

photo: @lisajancke


Medinilla Magnifica in pot
photo: @edierosedesigns
minimalist plant
photo: raels_athome
indoor statement plant
photo: @hunt.and.scavenge

Plant stands

plant family
photo: @plant.jungle
oxalis triangularis purple
photo: @crazylittleplantlady
minimalist plant stand
photo: @ivymuse_melb


Letting your plants grow suspended from the ceiling can help them get more access to light and show off the plants at eye level in a room. If you’re going to hang your plants, make sure you also have some ceiling hooks!

hanging plant inspiration
photo: @polishjungle
beaded hanging planters
photo: @plantbabystudio


One of the benefits of growing a plant in glass is that you can see the root growth at all times. Glass planters work well for plants or cuttings in water, either in one large vase or lots of little test tubes!

Monstera Propagation
Proof that a Monstera plant can thrive in water! photo: @plantingpink
water propagation in test tubes
photo: crazy.plantlady_tessa_verheij
water propagation in test tubes
photo: @hiltoncarter
Monstera propagation
photo: @houtje.touwtje
palm in water
photo: @ncypgardens


Think twice before throwing out empty food containers! They can make a great planters!

propagation ideas
@plantingpink sends cuttings home with friends in old spice jars


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Do you have any ideas or advice for planters?  Feel free to get in touch with suggestions!




how to choose the perfect planter
how to choose the right planters

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