Monstera Unfurling

Monstera Growth from Cutting

Monstera Growth from Cutting in Karlstad, Sweden

Monstera Deliciosa plants are extremely popular houseplants, not just because of their iconic leaf shape, but also because they are quite easy to care for.  They need relatively bright light and only need to be watered once a week – luckily, they are also very forgiving of their owner’s mistakes.  This Monstera was grown from a cutting which had no leaves whatsoever and in just a year is now a thriving plant.  This was grown in Sweden, and the owner shares many more growth stories on instagram @ekholm_greenplants.

Monstera unfurling
30th May 2017: Approximately 7 weeks after originally planted, the first signs of new leaf growth appear
grow monstera from cutting
7th June 2017: Within a week the leaf has grown larger and has begun to unfurl
Monstera young leaf
19th June 2017: The leaf is now fully unfurled and has even developed a split in the leaf
Monstera new leaf growth
27th July: The first signs of a second leaf appear at the bottom of the stem
Monstera growth from cutting
21st August: The second leaf has fully grown
Monstera growth rate
29th October 2017: The plant now has three leaves – the growth rate of the Monstera is about one new leaf per six weeks
Monstera plant growth rate
13th November: Two weeks after the last image, a new leaf has grown and unfurled entirely
Monstera growth progress
19th March: Although no new leaves grew over the winter, the existing leaves have matured, showing a darker green colour and development of splits in the leaves
Monstera photography
24th May: A close up of new leaf unfurling
Monstera Unfurling
24th May: Alternative close up of the new leaf unfurling. All new leaves are a light colour and they darken as they mature
Monstera plant indoor
13th June: In just over a year this plant now is a mature plant which continues to thrive and produce new leaves


If you are interested in growing your own Monstera, they are fairly common and available in most countries.  Some links are below:



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