Pilea Peperomiodes Growth Progress

Pilea Peperomiodes

The Pilea Peperomia is also commonly known as the “Chinese Money Plant” is a stunning houseplant which is native to China.  The unique looking plant also has a bonus – it grows small babies from the base – so if you get this plant, you will eventually have many more! For information on where to buy this plant in you area, see this post.

This plant is owned by @plantyourpainaway on instagram – follow to see further updates!

February 2017

Pilea PepermiodesPilea Pepermiodes
25th February 2017

June 2017

pilea peperomiodes growth progress
23rd June 2017

October 2017

pilea growth rate
10th October 2017

November 2017

Fast Growing Pilea
29th November 2017

February 2018

Pilea growth progress
16th February 2018

April 2018

Pilea growth progress
2nd April 2018
pilea growth rate
25th April 2018: The top of the plant was chopped off – this can help future regrowth

May 2018

pilea pruning
12th May 2018: In just a few weeks since the top was cut off, there is already new growth on the top

June 2018

pilea pruning encourages growth
4th June 2018: The pruning was definitely a success, as new growth shows no signs of stopping
Pilea houseplant
27th June 2018

August 2018

chinese money plant growth rate
26th August 2018: The new growth in the plant has filled out

November 2018

pilea growth progress
18th November 2018


If you are interested in buying a pilea, see this post which shows where you can buy these online for your area.  The key to keeping unfamiliar plants alive and thriving in your home is the self watering pot – available here


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