coleus flowering

Coleus growth

Coleus growth

Coleus is a relatively easy to care for plant with stunning leaf colour variegation.  It is so stunning that a Coleus was painted by the famous Vincent Van Gogh. With the right care they can grow extremely fast to grow into a large plant.   This plant has been cared for by @theplantjourney on instagram.

“A little background story about this Coleus.  I bought it for 99 cents at the local Salvation Army Thrift Store around September of 2016.  It was a 5 inch tall clipping in a small plastic cup of soil.  I kept it inside all fall and winter until spring when I brought it outside.  I’ve repotted it 6 different times in the last 10 months.”

coleus growth rate
5th December 2017: The plant is looking healthy living in a mug


coleus plant
3rd April 2017: The plant has been potted up into a terracotta pot


Coleus growth rate
9th May 2017: The plant has continued to grow much taller and there is now more purple/red variegation appearing on the leaves.


coleus watering
19th June 2017: The plant has been moved to outside but sadly has become very thirsty. This one needs to be watered pretty much every day but recovers quickly once watered


coleus growth rate
25th July 2017: The plant has now recovered from being under watered a month ago
coleus flowering
25th July 2017: Close up of the flowers which have appeared on the plant

As you can see it is a very fast growing and resilient plant! If you are interested in growing your own, they are available here.


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