neon pothos growth rate

Neon Pothos wall climbing

Climbing Neon Pothos in London, United Kingdom

The Neon Pothos plant is a popular indoor plant which is striking due to it’s bright, neon lime green leaves.  It is often harder to acquire than a usual pothos and can sometimes be a bit slower growing.  That’s because it is a bit more high maintenance than the typical easy going Pothos, but once you get it in just the right place and right care routine, it will thrive – as this one has!  This particular plant will be immediately recognised by instagram plant lovers – it is owned by @jamies_jungle who shares his extensive plant collection on instagram.  The plants are truly inspiring, but the most show stopping one is the Neon Pothos which has been trained to climb up the wall behind the sofa.  This post will show the growth progress of this particular plant showing how it has progressed over time.  If you are curious about the Neon Pothos growth progress, then keep scrolling!

Before we get started, if you want to do this yourself, there a few things you will need:

  • Neon Pothos – We have found the Neon pothos for sale for each of these locations: US & Canada, Europe & United Kingdom, Australia, Asia
  • Self watering planter – This is a favourite product because it really does help a plant by giving it a consistent source of water, reducing stress that can be caused by irregular watering.  For this we have located the exact same one used to grow this plant: US & Canada, Europe & United KingdomAustralia, Asia
  • 3M clips – These are the key to keeping the plant vertical and stable.  The 3M clips are incredibly strong and reliable, but also don’t constrict the plant and so enable it to continue to grow.  These are available here.


hanging neon pothos
2nd June 2016: The Neon pothos was growing as a hanging plant for quite some time at a bright window.


neon pothos grown by jamies jungle
13th July 2016: The sofa area before the pothos was moved


climbing neon pothos
July 2016 – The neon pothos has been installed behidn the sofa and clipped to the wall.
Neon pothos growth progress
3rd August 2016
climbing neon pothos
23rd September 2016
neon pothos growth rate
2nd October 2016: Close up showing the plant which has been clipped to the wall in a rough zig zag formation


neon pothos gradient plant
16th January 2017: This close up shows how the newer leaves are a neon colour and the older, more mature leaves darken slightly
indoor climbing vine
27th January 2017
jamie's jungle 2017
13th February 2017
neon pothos growth progress
11th March 2017
self watering pot neon pothos
16th April 2017: Here is a close up of the self watering planter which is being used for this plant. It is sitting on a custom made stool behind the sofa.  The exact  self watering pot is available here
neon pothos indoor climbing
16th April 2017: Close up of the clips showing how they hold the plant in place – the exact clips are available here
neon pothos growth progress
23rd June 2017
neon pothos growth rate
31st July 2017
indoor jungle with neon pothos
16th December 2017


neon pothos vertical garden
22nd February 2018
neon pothos leaf size
18th March 2018
neon pothos vertical garden
15th April 2018
neon pothos growth rate
21st May 2018
light green pothos growth rate
16th July 2018
indoor vine plant pothos
29th August 2018: The view of the complete plant with the sofa removed
neon pothos climbing
8th November 2018


neon pothos growth progress
7th March 2019
neon pothos mirror
1st May 2019

The plant still continues to grow today! If you are interested in following the future growth of this, follow @jamies_jungle on instagram.  If you have enjoyed following the growth progress of this plant, you might also like these other posts:

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