variegated monstera propagation

Variegated Monstera Propagation Part two

Propagation of Variegated Monstera – Part two

This is the follow up post of a variegated monstera which was grown from a single leaf cutting. This is part two of three, so here is the links to the other parts: part one, part three: repotting.

If you are looking to grow a variegated monstera, you will notice that they aren’t exactly cheap.  To make sure that they don’t die, the best thing to do is buy a self watering pot so that the water supply is consistent and reliable for the plant.  It’s recommended that you get a cheaper pot, because if the roots grow too much, you will need to cut the actual plastic to get the roots out unharmed (that’s exactly what had to happen with this one).  Here is a link to the exact one used here.

We have an updated listing of variegated monstera plants for sale here.


variegated monstera propagation
21st April: 2019 A year ago this was a one leaf cutting, and now it has seven leaves with another on the way


variegated monstera propagation
21st April 2019: The new leaf which is still on the way
variegated monstera new leaf
21st April 2019: The side view of the new leaf which shows that it has a strong amount of variegation and hopefully will have a lot of white colouring
monstera leaf unfurling
25th April 2019: The leaf continues to unfurl, showing some signs of minimal variegation


monstera deliciosa variegata
30th April 2019: Leaf count is now seven and new leaf shows a lot more variegation than previous leaves


variegated monstera roots in self watering pot
10th May 2019: The main root has grown through the pot and now is permanently in water. The plant will need to be repotted soon.


variegated monstera propagation
27th May 2019: Side view of the plant showing that it now has 8 leaves with another on the way


self watering root growth
27th May 2019: Root check shows that a large root has grown through the small gaps in the pot and now permanently is submerged in water
self watering pot root growth
9th July: Two months after the last root check, the roots have grown extensively and now will need to be repotted as soon as possible
variegated monstera propagation
9th July: Leaf count is now 10


The story continues – part three link here.  If you want to see part one of this story, see here.  If you are looking to purchase your own variegated monstera plant or cutting, see our complete list of the ones we have found online here.


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