DIY microgreen pot

Microgreens are great for cooking and garnishing, not to mention bringing greenery into the kitchen!  There is just one problem with the ones that come from the grocery store: they come in ugly plastic containers.   It was frustrating that the grocery store packaging was ruining the look of the beautiful green seedlings.

After searching for microgreen pots online, I couldn’t find anything so decided to create my own.  Since microgreens always come in the same packaging, the pot could be exactly the same size and shape and new microgreens could be easily transferred into the custom pot from the plastic grocery store.

What you need:

  • Air Dry Clay : I chose terracotta, but there are also other colours available.  
  • Baking/Parchment Paper: This is important for less mess, but also makes it easier to move your pot as you make it (otherwise it can get stuck to the table and tear apart)
  • Rolling pin: If you don’t have one, you can use a wine bottle!

First, make sure that you setup the baking paper on your worktop so that the clay doesn’t stick – this not only keeps your area mess free, but it actually makes it easier to mould your clay and move it around without damaging your work.

Clay DIY microgreen pot

Cut off a small amount of clay – make sure that you put the rest of the packet straight into an airtight container so that it doesn’t dry out!!

DIY terracota clay microgreen pot

Fold over the baking paper and roll out your clay.  Ideally you want to make this fairly thin, although not so thin that it will tear easily.


Make sure when you roll out the clay, you are making a long strip, like below.

DIY microgreen pot terracotta

Using a knife, cut the outline of what you will be using.  For this the exact measurements of the baking paper box worked well, but you can use whatever works best for you.


Once you have cut the area, it should look something like the below


Carefully wrap the strip of clay around your supermarket microgreen plastic container so that you can mould it exactly to shape.


Cut off the excess clay and keep aside for any future projects


Using your excess clay, create the base of the pot as shown


Using some water to soften the clay, gently mould the seams together so that it becomes one solid piece.  Be careful here as if you aren’t gentle, it can tear the clay.


Once you are happy with the shape, cut off the excess clay from the base.


Gently using water, smooth out the edges of the corners.  This can take a bit of time, so be patient and gentle.  Make sure you still have the original plastic container inside as this helps give stability.


Once you are happy with it, put it aside to dry.  After a few hours, the outside will be starting to dry, but because of the plastic container, the inside won’t have had a chance yet.  Once the outside is starting to dry, gently slide a knife around the edges to loosen up the plastic from the clay.  Once air is able to access the clay, it will start to dry, so continue to gently do this until the plastic container pops out.

When you are done, place your microgreens in the pot and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Because the clay is air dry clay, watering will affect the clay.  Depending on how long you need the microgreens to last, if you want to water them, I recommend cutting an original plastic microgreen packaging down to size, and placing inside the DIY pot.

IMG_1940 (1)

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DIY microgreen pot terracotta

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