Variegated Monstera Adansonii

Variegated Monstera Adansonii in London, United Kingdom

The monstera adansonii is a unique houseplant, from the same family as the popular monstera deliciosa plant. The adansonii has smaller leaves, and can grow either as climbing or trailing. A very rare specimen of this plant has partially white leaves, known as variegation. Because it is so rare, this is very coveted by many plant lovers.

The variegated monstera adansonii can be propagated by taking cuttings if a plant and placing in water. After a few weeks, roots will grow from the nodes, and after that new leaves will appear.

This post shows the growth progress of a variegated monstera adansonii over a year. When it comes to the monstera adansonii growth rate, it is an incredibly fast growing plant, and can thrive with the right care. The owner of this plant can be found on instagram @lucidmonstera

Before we progress with the growth progress of this plant, it’s worth addressing some of the very commonly asked questions about this plant:

Is Monstera Adansonii rare?

Yes, they are incredibly rare in the wild, although they are becoming so beloved that many people are growing and propagating so they are becoming increasingly common (although still incredibly expensive!)

Can my Monstera become variegated?

Essentially no, because it is a genetic mutation. It is possible that a monstera with green leaves could suddenly output a variegated leaf, but this means that it was always a ‘variegated’ monstera and only now has produced a variegated leaf.

Can a variegated monstera “revert” to a regular monstera?

No, it will always be a variegated monstera, however it is possible that the plant could start producing leaves without any variegation. This can be in response to conditions such as decreased sunlight or stress. This doesn’t mean that it will never produced variegated leaves again though, in fact a lot of people find that a series of fully green leaves is followed by a series of heavily variegated leaves.

How do you keep Monstera variegated?

There isn’t any foolproof way to control the variegation, however giving the plant enough light helps support the plant. While you might prefer the variegated leaves, it’s important to have green leaves as well as these are the ones that have chlorophyll which is a key part of photosynthesis.

September 2019

20th September 2019: A small three leaf plant, with a lot of variegation.

The monstera adansonii growth rate is a lot faster than you would expect. They like partial shade and consistent water.

April 2020

25th April: The plant has responded well to the moss pole, and now has over 9 leaves

These plants will climb vertically when they have a moss pole. It is important to make sure that you keep the moss pole moist because the plant and it’s roots are attracted to the moisture.

Here is a link to moss pole available online.

July 2020

1st July 2020: The plant now has at least 14 leaves and it continuing to grow well

August 2020

1st August: In just a month since the last photo, at least another four leaves have grown. The plant is now taller than the moss pole.

Because the plant is in the same family as the monstera deliciosa, it can similarly be propagated from single leaf cuttings. If you trim off a leaf with some of the stem and place it in water, it will grow a new plant! See this post on a monstera deliciosa propagation.

September 2020

26th September 2020: The plant now has grown significantly taller than the moss pole, and the leaf growth can be seen from the side view

The plant has grown from just a small three leaf plant into a tall thriving plant within just one year! As you can see it has been repotted into a bigger pot. They like to be repotted around once per year.

If you want to continue to follow the growth progress of this plant, and others, check out @lucidmonstera on instagram!

If you are wondering where to buy variegated monstera adansonii, we have a link here which is updated regularly with available plants and cuttings.

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7 thoughts on “Variegated Monstera Adansonii

  1. Hi.. my propagated adansonii albo just just revert. It has now 3 green leaves. 1 albo and 3green leaves.. Can you help me revert it back to albo?. thankyou so much.


  2. Hi. I purchased a variegated adansonii from a trusted seller. I chose the cutting I wanted off the mother plant. Once in my care every new leaf comes out variegated but slowly reverts to green as a new leaf emerges. The mother plant is gorgeous with mostly half moons. Why is this happening to every single leaf like a mint florida ghost 😫


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