Variegated String of Hearts

Variegated String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii variegata)

The string of hearts is a trailing succulent which is relatively easy to care for. The variegated version of the plant can have cream or pink colouring amongst the standard green colour. As with most succulents, it does well in full sun, and will survive easily inside. Do the string of hearts grow fast? Absolutely! The variegated string of hearts growth rate is very fast when it has enough sunlight. Remember that they like to dry out between waterings, and it is always better to under water rather than over water.

This post focuses on a variegated string of hearts which has been grown by @ahmongtheplants on instagram.


6th August 2020: The plant is quite young, but already showing beautiful pink variegation
photo: @ahmongtheplants
2nd September 2020: After just once month, there is visible growth of new leaves
photo: @ahmongtheplants
1st October 2020: The plant has grown enough so that it is starting to creep over the edge of the pot
18th November 2020: This angle shows the beautiful pink colouring of the leaves
photo: @ahmongtheplants
5th December 2020: The plant is now trailing beyond the edge of the pot
photo: @ahmongtheplants

If you are interested in getting your own variegated string of hearts, I have found some online in various locations:

USA – variegated string of hearts $10

UK – variegated string of hearts £9.99

Australia – variegated string of hearts $14.80

If you enjoyed this growth progress story, you might also like this one about the propagation of a burro’s tail succulent.

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