Euphorbia Acrurensis

Euphorbia Acrurensis in Kansas, USA (6b)

This stunning cactus is also sometimes referred to as the African Milk Tree and is native to West Africa. It likes bright sunlight and it sensitive to the cold, so can only be kept outside if the weather is warm. There is only sparing information about the Euphorbia Acrurensis growth rate online, so we have been lucky enough to get this insightful photo story showing growth in this post. This particular one was grown in Kansas, USA and the owner can be found on instagram @aspiringgreenthumb, who kindly shared some advice as well:

Care routine: I honestly leave it alone.

Cactus Thickness: Everyone always asks why it’s so thick compared to others and that’s because it’s outside during the warmer months (Kansas, 6b). The more sun it gets, the thicker it tends to be. You can actually see the dips in girth from being indoors each winter (in the picture where I labeled growth).

Sunlight: It does need a careful introduction to the sun. I burned it last year. But once I introduced I keep it in full sun and only water when it’s bone dry

Winter: In the winter I just put it indoors near a window and leave it be, a light watering only every 4-6 weeks. It does most of it’s growing in July and August.


September 2017

October 2017

October 2017: The cactus showing height is currently around 9 inches tall


June 2018: The cactus has grown one inch since last October
1st July 2018
11th July 2018: The cactus is starting to branch out while also growing taller. This side view shows how much thicker the plant grows when it is in full sun
15th August 2018: The cactus has grown some branches and height over the summer


1st July 2019: a year later, the plant is significantly taller


13th December 2020
This image shows the change in the cactus shape between summer and winter each year

If you would like your own euphorbia trigona, they are often available online. I have done some research and foung the following available:

USA – Euphorbia Trigona

UK & EU – 17cm Euphorbia Trigona

Australia – Euphorbia Trigona $9.00

This plant also can come in different colours, including the incredibly rare ‘ghost’ plant which is white. You can see others for sale on my buying rare plants post which is updated regularly.

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4 thoughts on “Euphorbia Acrurensis

  1. Do you cut off any of the little flower looking things at the tops of the plant arms/stalk or do you simply leave it be? Right now I have four of the “mother” plant that are about 6-8 inches tall.


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