Pink Princess Philodendron propagation

The pink princess philodendron is a plant which has foliage with pink variegation, varying from very dark reddish tones, to bright shades of almost Barbie shade of pink. The colours vary depending on the variety and also the conditions the plant grows in, especially sunlight. They can easily be propagated from cuttings, and especially thrive with a lot of sunlight and humidity. When cuttings are still small, it is easy to add humidity by placing the cutting underneath a glass dome.

This post shows the pink princess philodendron growth rate from a cutting which was grown in Leca. Leca is an interesting alternative to soil, and works remarkably well for propagation cuttings. It is small clay balls which absorb water and slowly release it over time – this enables the plant to have more oxygen around the roots, and also an even supply of water. This prevents the cutting from experiencing stress.

If you are looking for where to buy pink princess philodendron online, see this post which is updated with sources regularly.


5th May 2021: Fresh cutting purchased online ready to plant

5th May 2021: The cutting was planted in a small candle jar, see paperclip for size reference. Leca clay balls were used and water filled to a third of the glass.

The reason why this was placed in a clear candle jar was in order to be able to easily see the water level in the jar. This was kept at around 30% over time. All of the leca balls absorb the moisture and deliver moisture slowly and evenly to the roots to encourage strong and healthy root growth.

5th May 2021: Pink Princess Philodendron propagated in leca

In about July, the plant had outgrown the small candle jar so it was repotted into a larger plastic pot and placed into a planter. This is another way to easily manage the water levels with leca: you can easily lift the inner pot up and see how much water remains at the bottom so you know when to top up.

8th September 2021: Four months of growth shows that the new leaves are growing larger, and have strong pink variegation appearing

Stay tuned for future updates on the growth progress of this plant cutting!

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For updated links on where to buy pink princess philodendron online, see this post.

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