Rapid growth of Abacate Avocado

Avocado grown from pit in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is a rapid growing plant which was grown over water originally and transplanted into soil once some small leaves were growing.  Growing from Avocado seed is very easy, just take a leftover seed and insert toothpicks to allow it to be suspended above a glass of water.  Leave it in a warm place out of direct sunlight, and roots should appear in a few weeks.  A tip to make the avocado seed to sprout faster is to peel off the dark skin of the seed before suspending above the water.  Alternatively, there is a handy gadget designed specifically for avocado seed growth available on Amazon called avoseedo.  The progress of this plant and others is shown on instagram @happyplantkeeper

December 2016

7th December 2016: Seed has numerous sprouts and each has small new leaves appearing
9th December 2016: The new leaf sprouts are growing larger and signs of more leaves growing as well


12th December 2016: The stalks have shot up and the leaves are much larger already



13th December 2016: The top leaves have opened out and grown much larger, the plant continues to grow rapidly



17th December 2016: The seed was transplanted into soil in a small pot



20th December 2016: The plant has survived successfully in the soil and continues to mature.  New leaves are now turning green from the brownish colour of young leaves

January 2017

9th January 2017: The seedling now is a small tree, with large bright green healthy leaves

February 2017

15th January 2017: The leaves have darkened and the plant now is much taller


More updates to follow as the plant continues to grow!  See our other story of an Avocado growing from a seed here, and other plant stories  here


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