succulent flowering

Orostachys Succulent Flowering

Orostachys Flowering

Orostachys is a fast growing succulent which grows in a rosette formation, much like other succulents.  They grow best in dry conditions and surprisingly can tolerate below freezing conditions found in it’s native locations such as China, Russia, Mongolia and more.  The tolerance to cold makes it an excellent succulent option for those in colder environments wanting to keep them outdoors.  This plant was cared for and photographed by @two_dollar_pistil on instagram.

Like most succulents, Orostachys can tolerate poor soil, but it still needs to be well draining. This particular plant is watered very sparingly – really, unless there is a streak of hot dry days not watered at all. Pay attention to the plants leaves if you suspect it’s under watered- they will seem almost like they’re wilting. These particular plants are in a container so they are more sensitive to drying out. If you plant in ground, you most likely won’t need to water at all.

Light wise, they prefer bright, full sunlight. Mine receive morning sun until about 3, and then receive bright light the rest of the day.

These plants are monocarpic, so once a rosette blooms, it will die off, similar to blooming hens and chicks. So it’s important to have the room and proper soil (well draining) so that the pups have a good chance to establish and grow. Those pups are what will come back next year, so the more the better!

They are available on Amazon for those who might be interested!


27th July 2017: A healthy Orostachys Iwarenge plant


water droplet on succulent
15th of August 2017: Water droplets on a close up floret


succulent flowering
29th August 2017: A sign of the small pink coloured flower is appearing in the centre


orostachys iwarenge
2nd September 2017: The flower is now extended out of the centre of the succulent and appears a light shade of pink


grey succulent
4th September 2017: The flower continues to grow daily


succulent flowering
12th September 2017: The flowers of the succulent are now prominent on the plant and show stunning colour variation


These succulents can be purchased here


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rare succulent flowering

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