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Common House Plants Online

The post finding rare plants online has had a lot of popularity, as many people try to get their hands on hard to find plants. But there are also some plants which aren’t as rare, but equally in demand as excellent house plants. This post shows where to get some classic indoor houseplants for each region.

Spider Plant

spider plants
Photo of spider plant showing new flowers and plantlets

This plant grows very quickly and is great because it creates little offshoots which can be replanted and grow new plants from. This post details the growth progress of a spider plant.

UK & Europe – Spider Plant babies for sale

USA & Canada – spider plant for sale

Australia – spider plant for sale only $2.50

Parlour Palm

The interesting thing about a Parlour Palm is that you can actually separate out into many small plants. This is great for small planters, if you want to have a small but thin plant for a small candle jar or similar.

USA & Canada – Parlour palm for sale

UK & Europe – Parlour Palm £6.99

Australia – Parlour Palm only $12

Pilea Peperomiodes

pilea growth progress

This plant, also known as chinese money plant, is a fast growing and quirky addition to a plant family. If you’re interested in seeing how they grow, check out this post showing the growth progress over time. This is another rewarding plant, because it constantly grows mini plants which you can break off and will grow into their own. The babies can be grown in water, or soil. This is another example of one which can be an endless supply of new plants which can be great gifts for family and friends. The plant has very waxy leaves and is similar to a succulent. When the access to light is uneven they can tend to grow in the direction of the light, and this can create some really unique shapes.

UK & Europe – Pilea Peperomiodes £6.99

USA & Canada – Pilea for sale

Australia – baby pilea $9.99

Pothos/Devils Ivy

This is an indoor plant which is easy to care for, and also easy to propagate. If you get one of these you can regularly trim the ends and replant, to have an overall more bushy plant. The plant tends to grow like a vine, so if you leave it, you will have very very long vines, which can also be beautiful. There are a few varieties of this plant:

Marble Pothos, which has strong vareigation of white and green

To see the growth progress of a marble pothos, see this post

Australia Marble Queen Pothos for sale

UK & Europe – Marble Pothos £7.99

USA & Canada Marble Queen Pothos for sale

Neon Pothos

If you want to see an amazing growth story of a neon pothos which is now gigantic, see this growth progress post.

USA & Canada – Neon Pothos

Australia – Neon Pothos $12.99

UK & Europe – NEON Pothos

Golden Pothos

USA & Canada – Golden Pothos

Australia – Golden pothos cutting

UK & Europe – GOLDEN Pothos

Burro’s Tail

This is a succulent which is easy to grow and propagate, as seen in this post. It is a succulent, but grows down like a vine, and over the years can be quite an outstanding plant. They grow surprisingly quickly from single leaf cuttings, as long as they are sitting above water, or misted every day or so.

donkeys tail succulent

Burro’s tail succulent USA & Canada

Burro’s tail cutting £2.88 UK & Europe

Australia Burro’s Tail $7.50

If you have any plants you are looking for or would like to see included on this page, please get in touch!

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