Monstera Deliciosa Propagation

Monstera propagation in Sarajevo, BiH

The Monstera plant is currently very popular, both for it’s ease of care and large, statement foliage.  It is sometimes called the Swiss Cheese plant.  We recently did a post on a more mature Monstera showing how it grew in size over more than a year.  It is a fairly fast growing plant when kept in the right conditions, and it can even be grown from a cutting!

In February 2017 this cutting was taken and placed in a small glass of water on a windowsill with morning sun.  Over the next few months the leaf cutting grew roots and even a new leaf! This plant is now happily living in soil and we look forward to seeing more updates as it grows on instagram @decilira.  

February 2017

monstera deliciosa propagation
11th February 2017: The original leaf cutting has been placed in water

March 2017

propagation in water
9th March 2017: The water was changed at least once a week and the leaf continues to look healthy
propagate swiss cheese plant in water
9th March 2017: This close up shows the new root growth that has developed within just a month
fast growing indoor plant
26th March: The roots have continued to grow rapidly, and the once small new leaf growth is appearing to start to unfurl


April 2017

After two months growing in water, the cutting was transferred into soil.

fast growing propagation
April 2017: Rooted cutting is ready to transplant into soil
April 2017: Close up of the original large leaf which has remained healthy and vibrant during propagation
monstera indoor plant
17th April 2017: The cutting has now been transplanted into soil and is looking very healthy

May 2017

14th May 2017: The new leaf has now unfurled

If you would prefer to start with a more mature plant, they are available here


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If you have a plant growth story to share, please get in contact!


6 thoughts on “Monstera Deliciosa Propagation

  1. Hello there
    I’m trying to grow my single leaf cutting into a nice healthy plant. It is in a glass of water and it has started growing roots. I haven’t changed the water yet as it seems to be doing well and I would hate to disrupt growth. Should I change the water or just leave it and top it up? It’s been about a month.


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