chinese money plant

Chinese Money Plant Growth

Chinese Money Plant Growth

The Chinese Money Plant, also known as the Pilea Peperomiodes or Pancake Plant, is a truly quirky and unique houseplant.  They are fairly easy to care for and are a great gift idea, since they are so easy to propagate from the pups.  We get contacted a lot about this plant asking where to buy Pilea Peperomiodes online, so here are some sources:

Buy Pilea Peperomiodes USA

Pilea Peperomiodes UK & EUROPE

Buy Pilea Peperomiodes AUSTRALIA

These plants tend to grow in incredibly unique shapes which is why they are so popular (and photogenic!).  This post follows the pilea plant growth rate for those who are wondering! Thanks to for sharing your growth progress photos!

pilea peperomioides care
17th January 2018: The baby pilea plant



17th May 2018


pilea peperomioides for sale
19th August


where to buy chinese money plant
15th November 2018


chinese money plant
4th April 2019: Just over a year after the first image, the plant is now a striking and mature plant


If you are interested in purchasing your own pilea plant, please feel free to get in touch and share your growth stories!  If you would like to find out where to buy a pilea peperiomides online, or any other rare plants, we have a full post on where rare plants are available depending on your location here.

We have some other Pilea growth stories you might be interested in!

Pilea Peperomiodes Growth Progress

Large Pilea Peperomioides 

Pilea Peperomioides


Get in touch if you have any requests for future posts or growth progress stories you would like to share!

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