Buying rare plants

How and where to buy rare plants

This post has come from the most frequent question we get on this blog and instagram – “Where can I buy this plant in my country?”

Unfortunately many plant sellers can’t transport plants between countries so it can be difficult to find a source within your own location.  Here is a consolidated a list of the most requested plants and where to buy them by region.

Variegated Albino Monstera

This is by far the most requested – if you are wondering why, you will want to see our rapid growing monstera cutting here.  There are a number of ways to buy this plant, and the most common and affordable is cuttings.  This means that you buy a leaf cutting from a larger plant which usually has a root.  When you get the cutting, with correct care, it will grow into a healthy plant, and can grow really quite quickly (a new leaf each month!).  The down side of buying cuttings is that they are very sensitive and so are at risk of dying.  This post explains the trick to ensuring your best chances of survival.

USA & Canada

BEAUTIFUL large plant buy it now $2,025

Mostly white strong stem cutting

Another strong stem cutting (cheaper)

Four leaf plant with strong variegation

Huge leaf cutting half white

Rooted cutting buy it now $130

Rooted cutting buy it now $140

Rooted cutting buy it now $250

Giant leaves half white $250

Large three leaf cutting

Variegated monstera vine

Strong variegation medium plant – buy it now $565

Rooted cutting with very strong variegation sold $225

similar plant with strong variegation: only $30!SOLD

Small plant strong variegation sold $325

Mostly white large monstera sold $650

Mostly white three leaf plant sold $390

Mostly white single leaf rooted cutting sold $150

Mature variegated monstera plant sold $599

Large variegated monstera plant sold $980

Medium 5 leaf variegated monstera with strong variegation sold $760

Fully rooted two leaf cutting sold $405

LARGE variegated monstera plant sold $599

Large Variegated Monstera sold for $710

Europe & UK

Bargain single leaf cutting – buy it now £25

Two leaf cutting £30

Two leaf cutting (one leaf is completely white) – buy it now £50

Two leaf cutting buy it now £120

Cutting with half white leaf – £140

Four leaf cutting with strong variegation

Two leaf cutting buy it now £130

Single leaf cutting £140

Another large monstera 5 large leaves buy it now £185

Cutting with strong root growth buy it now £400

Large leaf plant with strong variegation buy it now £600

GIANT 6ft variegated monstera buy it now £800

GIANT 6ft Monstera Variegata sold £1,198

Completely white leaf monstera cutting sold £87

Three leaf variegated monstera sold £150

Single leaf cutting sold £25



Variegated monstera cutting – $250

Cutting from large plant – buy it now $450

Mostly white cutting – $625

ULTRA RARE yellow variegation giant leaf cutting sold $875

Medium variegated monstera with strong variegation sold $1,550

Single leaf cutting – sold $660

Healthy rooted four leaf cutting  sold $1,103

Single leaf cutting sold $665.60

LARGE variegated monstera plant sold $2,000

3 large leaf plant sold $1,300

three leaf vareigated monstera plant sold $860

Large leaf Variegated Monstera Plant sold $1,275

Medium Variegated Monstera sold $1,250

Ultra rare variegated monstera OBLIQUA sold for $4,850

STUNNING large variegated monstera sold for $1,305

Variegated monstera (Large) sold for $1,025

Pink Princess Philodendron

This one is less requested but perhaps because it is even more rare than the variegated monstera, and therefore less known about.  This plant can produce stunning pink leaves – and because it is less known about, is a fraction of the price of the variegated monsteras for sale online!  For more images of this stunning plant in all it’s glory, see this post.

Europe & UK

Small Pink Princess Philodendron – £146

Pink princess with strong variegation – £65

Larger pink princess – EU 89

Established pink princess strong variegation – £44.39

Pink Princess seeds

…or you could have pink princess artwork – no watering required!

USA & Canada

Pink Philodendron small rooted cutting

Small plant with one half pink leaf


Medium Pink Princess Philodendron – BARGAIN buy it now $35!!

Medinilla Magnifica

The Medinilla Magnifica is truly a stunning plant, if you want to see more we have an entire post on this plant here.  These are very rare and a truly unique plant to add to your collection.

Europe & UK

Medinilla medium plant

Medinilla Magnifica seeds

USA & Canada

Medium Medinilla plant


Medinilla seeds

Small Medinilla plant

Pilea Peperomiodes

This plant is now very popular and is relatively easy to care for, but not easy to find.  We have a few posts (here and here) on this plant showing how they grow over time.  They are incredibly easy to propagate so once you have one you can replicate it into many more!

Europe & UK

Pilea small plant

Pilea larger plant

USA & Canada

Pilea Peperomiodes


Pilea Peperomiodes

Frangipani or Plumeria

This is another plant which is incredibly easy to propagate but in some parts of the world very rare.  They grow beautiful and fragrant flowers.  To see a growth progress post on this, click here.  If you have your own growth story to share, please get in touch!

Europe & UK

Medium Plumeria plant

Small potted plumeria

White/yellow flower seeds

Mixed colour flowers plant

USA & Canada

Frangipani plant pink flowers

6-8 ft plumeria tree buy it now $150

12 inch cutting $28


2m x 3m frangipani 

Deep red flower stem cutting sold $30

Seagrape aka coccoloba uvifera

To see our post showing the growth progress of a seagrape plant grown from seed see link here

View this post on Instagram

De la familia #Polygonaceae, #Coccoloba uvifera, la uvita playera, es un árbol que al parecer puede llegar a alcanzar los 8 metros de altura, aunque solo me topé con los que aún no sobrepasaban los 4 metros. Es una especie dioica, así que para que de frutos tiene que haber polinización cruzada entre un árbol con flores masculinas y uno con flores femeninas. Su fruto verde, en racimos, al madurar toma un color morado y es comestible, de sabor dulce y usado para preparar mermeladas, vinos y postres. La semilla que ocupa el gran 85 por ciento del cuerpo del fruto, una vez extraída, debe sembrarse inmediatamente pues tiene una vida muy corta, al parecer es muy difícil mantener su viabilidad artificialmente. Por ser muy tolerante al efecto del salitre, esta especie está ampliamente distribuida en las playas tropicales del golfo de México, del mar Caribe, las islas Bermudas y las Guayanas. Según Nathaniel Lord Britton, lo más probable es que la uva de mar haya sido la primera planta americana vista por Cristóbal Colón cuando llegó a San Salvador / Guanahani. #Coccolobauvifera Del libro “Árboles Comunes de Puerto Rico y las Islas Virgenes” 1977 dice: “Anteriormente se vendían los frutos maduros en conos formados al enrollar las hojas. Los primeros colonizadores españoles a veces usaban las hojas gruesas y verdes como un substituto del papel para escribir mensajes con un alfiler u otra punta aguda.”

A post shared by Maria Marun (@mariamarun) on

This is another one which is incredibly rare in some locations – and in others it is incredibly common! It is relatively slow growing but once it does grow it produces grapes which you can actually eat, and even make jam from!

Europe & UK

Seagrape seeds

USA & Canada

Seagrape seeds US


Seagrape seeds Australia

Oxalis Triangularis

The purple triangle shaped leaves of this plant not only are striking, but they also close up at night time – much like prayer plants.

Europe & UK

Oxalis 10 x bulbs

USA & Canada

Small Purple Oxalis Triangularis


Oxalis Triangularis small plant


Nasturtiums are relatively easy to grow and actually produce edible flowers! They are increasingly popular to add to food and can be found online in both plants and seeds.

Europe & UK

Nasturtium seeds Europe

USA & Canada

Nasturtium seeds America


Nasturtium plant Australia

Nasturtium seeds Australia

vareigated adansonii
photo from etsy seller: hopehappyshop

Monstera Adansonii

This plant also comes in a variation of variegated adansonii which is truly a showstopper.

Europe & UK

Monstera Adansonii Medium plant

Monstera Adansonni small cutting

USA & Canada

Small Monstera Adansonni plant

Monstera Adansonii – USA


Ultra rare variegated monstera obliqua

RARE variegated Monstera Obliqua  sold $2,175

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Do you have any other rare plants that you can’t find online? Let us know here and we can find them for you!

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