Variegated Monstera Leaf

Variegated Monstera Propagation

Variegated Monstera grown from cutting

Variegated Monstera plants are an extremely coveted plant due to their unique colouring – unfortunately they are also difficult to find and often very expensive.  This cutting was purchased online with roots and just one leaf.  Since then it has been placed in a self watering pot which seems to have been a key success factor in it’s growth so far.  For a number of months there were no new leaves, but just rigorous root growth into the water area of the pot.  So far, there are a number of tips for your own success of one of these plants:

  • Get a self watering pot – Unless you already have confidence in your ability to grow these temperamental cuttings, it is best to get a self watering pot so that you know the plant can have a steady and consistent source of water.  This means that the cutting won’t get stressed by erratic watering and can focus on growing! We recommend this pot on or (or here for United Kingdom)
  • Put it in bright light – While the white parts of the leaves are what make it unique, they aren’t actually functional – these parts lack chlorophyll and so limit the ability for the plant to photosynthesise.  Ensuring your plant gets plenty of sunlight will help to counteract this.

January 2018

Propagate variegated monstera
16th January 2018: Monstera cutting planted in self watering pot in indirect sunlight

May 2018

Variegated Monstera Leaf
25th May: The original variegated leaf, with new leaf growth in the background
Variegated Monstera
25th May: Variegated Monstera cutting in self watering pot
Underside of variegated monstera deliciosa
25th May: The back of the leaf showing how the variegation on the back is a different layer and therefore appearance to the front of the leaf


Variegated monstera propagation
25th May: New leaf sprout appears very pale green colour

June 2018

propagate variegated monstera
2nd June: The new leaf is beginning to unfurl towards the light
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa propagation
2nd June: Unfurling new leaf growth showing signs of some variegation
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa propagation
9th June: A week later the leaf has unfurled
Variegated Monstera Propagation
9th June: There are already signs of another new leaf along the stem
Variegated Monstera Propagation
9th June: The underside of the leaves
variegated monstera growth rate
24th June: The base of the plant is showing signs of another new leaf growing
Variegated monstera growth rate
28th of June: The new leaf growth is taller than the second leaf and looks like it will unfurl any day now
variegated monstera growth rate
28th June: Close up of the new growth showing variegation which will appear when the leaf opens
variegated monstera growth rate
28th June: Full view of the plant with the new leaf growth

July 2018

variegated monstera growth
1st July: The new leaf is unfurling
variegated monstera deliciosa
4th July: The newest leaf has unfurled and the colour comparison shows how the second leaf has darkened since it has matured. There is also signs of another new leaf growing at the bottom of the plant
albino monstera
4th July: This plant has gone from a single leaf cutting to three leaves in just three months


Self watering pots are available in most gardening centres, link to buy online here


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